Manicure Manicure

Gel add on (for spa pedicure $50 & up): $15 extra
A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet, and their nails. It basically is a manicure for the feet. A pedicure can be helpful because it can prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

Pedicures Pedicures
Add Ons
Add Ons Add Ons
Nail Arts$5 & up
Special Shape

Coffin (Ballerina), Stiletto, Almond, Mountain Peak

Long Nails $5 & up

Paraffin $8 Extra Massage $1/minutes Upon Request

Special Special
Individual Packages

These individual packages are design to accom-modate different lifestyles. These special rates are specific. You may trade with same price services, but not higher than current services.

Individual-Packages Individual-Packages
Simple Natural$75

(Man. & Ped, Mini Euro, Facial)

After Work$85

(Herb/ Tea/ Rose, Man, & Ped)


(10m, Reflex, Milk Man, & Fed. Euro Facial)

Summer Trimming $153

(65 Mssg, Tai Ped. Crème Man. Mini Euro Facial)

Total Relaxation$162

(Eyebrow, 40 Facial, Euro Facial, 40 Ped, 25 Man)

The Hollywood Treatment$236

(38 Man, 55 Ped, 70 Facial, Hot Stone)

Kid Services
kid kid

Waxing expert use the quickest, most effective, comfortable techniques to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair free.

Hair growth must be approximately ¼ in, long but no longer and 1/3 in, to achieve best result. Client who are taking acutane, retin A, or any an-tiblotics: we may not service you due to the sensitivity of the skin.
After waxing, please walt 24 hours before sunbathing or tanning bed affer waxing because you skin may a still be sensitive.
Waxing Waxing
Full Arms$40 up
Back/ Chest$40 up
Toes$8 up
Stomach$15 up
Bikini $30 up
Upper Legs $35 up
Lower Legs $35 up
Full Legs $60 up
Whole Face $36 up
Fingers$8 up
Under Arms $20 up
Half Arms$22 up
Shoulders$25 up
Professional massage therapists provide variety of treatment to better serve our clients.
We are not able to performs, massage on expect-ant mothers unless you are 3 months pregnant or more due to the delicate condition. Doctor release from is necessary to perfom any services, please call us if you have any question or concerns.
Massage Massage
Aroma Therapy$40/ $70

Blended essential oil that enhances the body functions of the internal organ.

Swedish Massage$40/ $70

Relief tension and stress gentle soothing touch or firmer strokes to include relaxation.

Deep Tissue$40/ $70

Focuses on trigger point that causes pain. Increase circuiation and ease soremuscle.

Therapeutic Massage$50/ $80

Using various modalities, and pressure in specific muscle group or zone.

Hot Stone $105

Ancient healing traditions, massaged with smooth hot stones. Helps stretches muscles. There are energy exchange between the stone and the tension in your body. Effective in creating harmony, positive energy flow, promotes sense of balance.

Pregnancy$45/ $75

Facial Treatments
Facial will not be performed if the following contra indications are present:
Pregnancy past the 7th month, surgery within the past three months including: cosmetic, laser eye surgery. Laser resurfacing and oral surgeries among others. Accutane use within the past 6 months, sunburn, any chemotherapy or radiation treatments within the past 3 months, Lupus, or the presence of open wounds or sores of any kind including fever blisters. Other contraindications may be in affect depending on your treatment. If you are unsure of you situation please call for assistance.
Please remember: Facials are very personalized treatments. Procedures may need to be alfred by your skin care professional to meet your specific needs.
Facial Facial
Personalized Cleansing
Facial Treatment

A luxurious, cleansing facial that allows time to concentrate on your specific skin care needs. Including all the special touches for extra pampering and relaxation, custom made for you. A complete facial complexion and increase your sense of well being. Includes hydrating hand and fool treatment as well as the special eye treatment (80 min)

European Facial Treatment$65

If you’ve never had a facial before, this is a place to start. An excellent, relaxing facial to attend it the needs of all skin types. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, a mask selected for you skin type, and a hydrating hand treatment. (50 min)

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $70

The perfect facial for congested skin utilizing fruit derived cosmeceutical enzymes to properly prepare the skin for extraction of clogged por.

Green Tea Facial$75

Green tea has been shown to improve the tone and texture of the skin as well as reversing UV and photo-damaged skin, Enjoy this invigorating facial incorporating a manual lymphatic drainage massage and the Healing and antioxidant benefits of green tea. Great for all skin types. Includes hydrating hand treatment. (50 min)

Aromatherapy facial Treatment$75

A truly relaxing facial. Special aromatherapy oils combined oil combined with a manual lymphatic drainage massage remove puffiness, tone the skin and slimulale a sense of well being and relaxation includes the hydrating hand treatment. Not for sensitive skin types or expectant mothers.

Eyelash Eyelash